Your Father And I Are Very Proud Of You, But In The Event Of A Divorce, I Am More Proud Of You

Hey kiddo, I know you worked really hard for this science fair competition, but 3rd place is still a very good prize. Your father and I are so proud of you, but in case your dad and I split, I want you to know that I am more proud of you.

I know you thought your spacecraft design could win it all. We both thought you’d win first place, too; me obviously a bit more so than your father, but we both did nonetheless.

You worked on that project for so long, too! Remember all those nights we spent at the workbench in the garage while your father was watching TV? We had such a good time bonding! I mean, it was a shame that your father didn’t come help more, but we both wanted to see you succeed, of course.

And remember doing all of those rocket tests after school while your dad was still at work? Or when we painted them after you got done helping your dad rake? What matters is that you were having fun making this whole thing in the first place. We fired so many rockets, just you and me!

Don’t feel too bad about it. Try to think about something happy, like your birthday when you got all those science presents you wanted! Your father bought a book about rockets, but I got you a whole kit with thrusters and the boosters and everything. You should’ve seen the way your face lit up when you opened them.

Sweetie, the bottom line is that you did very well, and we both love you very much, but if custody was ever on the line, I love you so much more.

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