Divorced Dad Planning Saddest Little Thanksgiving Ever

Hoffman reportedly spent multiple hours preparing his Thanksgiving dinner for one.

After discovering that his two adult children would not be able to make it to his Silver Springs, MD home this year for Thanksgiving, recently divorced father Ken Hoffman announced that he would be hosting the most heartbreaking Thanksgiving dinner imaginable.

According to daughter Olivia, Hoffman reportedly intends to carry on with their Thanksgiving family traditions despite being the only one in attendance.

“He told me that he’s still planning on cooking an entire turkey and all of the usual dishes,” said Olivia Hoffman. “Green beans, mashed potatoes, and two kinds of stuffing just for him. I don’t even want to think about him having to eat all of those leftovers alone for weeks after the holiday.”

When reached for comment, Hoffman stated that it would be nice to have a quiet Thanksgiving day for once. Hoffman reportedly got out the table runner and the good dishes despite being the only one attending Thanksgiving.

“It’ll actually be pretty nice to spend Thanksgiving without my family this year,” said Hoffman. “I can wake up as late as I want, get started on the bird whenever I’m hungry, and I’ll be able to watch the game in peace.”

“And besides, if the Redskins aren’t doing well, I can always just turn the game off and get back to cleaning out the garage.”

Sources report that Hoffman will also chop down a Christmas tree on his own over the weekend, despite his wife getting all of the family ornaments in the divorce

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