Have You Seen How Nice The IM Building Is?

Have you guys seen the newly renovated IM building? I mean have you been in there? Like actually physically gone in? It’s incredible. You can just tell how much cleaner it is than before.

It’s so streamlined. Like, you go in and immediately there are maybe 2, 3 bathrooms all right there on the first floor. And don’t get me started on the sinks. I mean, stainless steel faucets? They really went above and beyond there. I know they show fingerprints but you can hardly see them because it’s just so clean. I mean the whole bathroom is so sanitary, at least the one I went in, and probably the whole IM building, too. Not a single toilet had urine splattered on it. Not one. No sketchy cracks on the seat either, let me tell you.

And how about those airplane lockers? Ladies and gentlemen, the IM building has gone digital! No more keys pinned to your track shorts. Now you set a code and leave your backpack while you go lift, or while you go use the bathroom and don’t want your backpack in there with you. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of room in those new stalls, and the floors are sparkling clean. The tiles are even still in their original pattern. No funky replacements there. But sometimes you just want to leave your work in a locker while you go do your business

The new IM building is sick, no doubt. It’s always stocked with toilet paper and between the front door and the locker room I saw at least 3 foosball tables. I was in a pretty big rush but maybe some other time when I’m dealing with less of an emergency situation on my way to the locker room I’ll check them out. That being said, I did overhear someone say they got rid of the rock wall while I was in the next stall over, so I guess it’s not all roses. Nonetheless, it was a well-lit bathroom.

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