Jill Stein Urges Attendees Of Election Night Party To Only Take Two Slices Of Pizza To Start

Stein reportedly filled a Tupperware container with the remains of her homemade potato salad for lunch the next day.


Speaking to the attendees of her election night party at her house in Lexington, Massachusetts, Presidential candidate Jill Stein reportedly advised everyone to “only take two slices of pizza to start.” The Green Party Nominee made the statement shortly after the delivery man arrived and a line began to form in the dining room of her three- bedroom home.

“We really just want to be careful,” Stein said to excited family and friends as the boxes were unloaded onto the dining room table. “We weren’t sure how many people would come, so let’s make sure everyone gets some before going for second helpings!”

Stein reportedly encouraged members of the line to try her homemade potato salad or the mac and cheese in the meantime, before promptly leaving the room to get folding chairs from the hallway closet.

“We just weren’t sure how much pizza we’d still have left over,” explained Stein once people had begun to return to the living room to continue watching the election coverage. After helping move the coffee table to make room for visitors and breaking down a few pizza boxes to recycle, Stein expressed concern while making a final scan from the periphery of the room. “Oh, I really just hope everyone got their fill.”

It wasn’t until her adult son reportedly found her in the kitchen washing dishes that she finally joined the rest of the group in the living room.

“She always frets over everything when she’s nervous,” her son Ben stated, noting that she was the same way when they had their last election night party. “But honestly, I think the party went fine. I think she started to cheer up a bit when I told her she’d gotten 5 percent in Maine.”

At press time, a relieved Stein was sending people home with leftovers, noting that she might even be able to clean up and be in bed by 11.

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