Man Brainstorming Stale Ideas Bit Too Excited About Using Whiteboard

Pane, scribbling furiously before switching to a different color.

Following the request of a group project member that the team start “thinking outside the box,” sources said that Ross junior Nathan Pane seemed a bit too amped up while brainstorming stale ideas on a nearby whiteboard.

“Guys what if—what if we just completely turned this idea on its head?” Pane asked his group. He then reportedly leapt up from his chair, making no attempt to conceal the manic look in his eyes as he began furiously scribbling nonsense while holding three Expo markers in his left hand. “I think we’re right on the verge of a genius idea.”

Onlookers reported that Pane’s outburst came as they were trying to think of a project concept that fit their assignment’s prompt. After the group struggled for five minutes to come up with something that ignited everyone’s interest, a “lightbulb appeared to go off” in Pane’s head. Unfortunately, the rest of the group said, that lightbulb was mostly the idea to use the whiteboard.

“You would think he was a werewolf and the full moon had just come out,” recounted group project member, Aaron Pinto. “Like, he was rapidly jotting down bullet points and speaking a mile a minute. No point he made was really enlightening, but I have to admire the enthusiasm with which he color-coded his ideas.”

Another group member, Susan Joules, had a slightly different take. “He was acting totally insane—he kept saying ‘imagine a world where,’ as if he was going anywhere with it. Then he just covered the board in nonsensical mind maps.”

“Oh let him have his fun, Susan,” replied Pinto. “Although I will say, Nathan’s obvious fascination with the red dry erase marker is bordering on a fetish.”

At press time, Pane’s group members were quietly brainstorming how to lure the dry-erase marker away from Pane so they could be the ones to use the whiteboard.

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