Man On Elevator Going In Wrong Direction Just Going To Have To Ride It Out

Russell reportedly stared at his phone for the duration of the second ride to avoid making any uncomfortable eye-contact.

After mistakenly getting on an elevator going down instead of up, junior Brandon Russell told reporters that he had no choice but to painfully and awkwardly wait out the ride until the elevator turned back around.

Russell explained that he was “pretty disoriented” when he first entered the elevator and noticed it going up.

“I mean, you press the down button and naturally you expect the next elevator that opens to be going down. I guess that’s just not always the case,” he said. “I should have been paying a little more attention.”

“When I realized what I had done, I decided the best course of action would be to act natural and hope no one but me would know what I did,” said Russell. He explained that although he feels he did a “pretty good job,” he worries “someone probably suspected something wasn’t right” when he reached the top floor of the building and still didn’t get off.

Russell stated that while the ride up was uncomfortable, he believes the worst part came from the ride down. “I had already passed everyone who got on the elevator on the way up,” he explained. “No one actually said anything but I could just tell they all knew. I probably looked so dumb.”

“I can’t even explain the relief I felt when I finally got off that thing,” Russell concluded. “I think next time I’m just going to take the stairs.”

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