National Poll Suggests More Americans Willfully Ignorant Than Blissfully Unaware

A local man happily ignores the nightmarish reality of the world around him.

According to new research published by the Scientific Journal of Psychology, Americans are less blissfully unaware than they are willfully ignorant of the world around them.

The poll, which measured participant’s general engagement with their surroundings, suggested that people are no more blind to their environment than they are uninterested in their reality. An understanding of politics, or the larger system of government under which their lives are mandated was as beyond their comprehension compared to their interest in regards to any other subject matter whatsoever.

“We wanted to gauge the level of passivity by asking a series of questions about respondent’s general assessment of society,” explained Mike Thompson, the head researcher in charge of the study. “What was really interesting was that most people didn’t even bother to fill in the question with an answer.”

In quantifying the level of disregard citizens have, the study measured involvement in political processes, charitable endeavors, global crises, economic structures, and current events. Results suggest that people have more blatant disregard than willing cluelessness about what exists.

One respondent, Carol Coleman, commented, “The test was asking about how I felt towards events going on around me. The truth is I really don’t care to read or to answer these questions.” The study found that unless the questions posed related to a select three aspects of the reader’s life, they did not bother to enter a response.

More Americans, although apparently decidedly un-phased by the vast majority of events happening, took solace in the notion that their peers were even more unaware.

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