Spirit Of Democracy Alive In Dilapidated, Underfunded High School Gymnasium

Voters line up inside of a crumbling affront to infrastructure to chose the next leader of the free world.

This past election day, voters across the nation were excited to cast their ballots in unsound, broken-down buildings sustained by their local governments.

The culmination of government for the people by the people came together this past Tuesday, in the various local gymnasiums containing broken floorboards and collapsed bleachers.

“There’s nothing more American than casting a ballot,” registered voter Carlos Martinez told reporters of the right he exercised in a high school that has forgone renovation since 1983. “I’m so proud to live in a country that gives this kind of power to the people.”

Other voters across the nation expressed their pride in the election process, the remainder of the American spirit, and their faith in the democratic system found in the underfunded buildings that fail to provide a proper education to children each and every day.

Eighteen-year-old Marcus Tawny, stated that he was excited to cast his first vote in a national election. “This is exactly how I imagined it,” Tawny told reporters while standing under a basketball hoop with no netting. “I am so excited to finally take place in the institution that makes America the greatest country on this earth.”

At press time American voters fondly recalled the sense of value and belonging they felt after voting in a school whose textbooks have not been updated since the Jimmy Carter took office.

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