Assumed Missing Person Turns Up Hours After Group Project Due

Price 'might be late' to the next meeting.

Last week it was confirmed that area man Kevin Price, who was assumed to have gone missing by friends and classmates, unexpectedly turned up two hours after his environmental science group project had been turned in.

According to classmates, Price didn’t show up for class three weeks in a row after the project had been assigned, raising suspicions among classmates. Group member Cameron Baker stated that concern intensified when Price failed to answer his phone or respond on any form of social media within that time period.

“After two or three days of not hearing anything from Kevin, we started getting really worried about him,” Baker explained. “I didn’t expect him to just go off the radar like that. I was about ready to call DPS.”

Baker explained that just a few hours after they submitted their assignment, they made arrangements to have someone check Price’s dorm room, when they reportedly received a text from Price explaining that he “literally just saw” all of their messages and inquired about “how the project ended up going.”

“I really didn’t mean to make anyone worry,” Price later told reporters. “I feel really bad, but you know how busy it gets around exam time.”

At press time, Price was trying to confirm whether or not his group had gone ahead and added his name to the title page of the report or not.

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