‘Is It Cool If Some Friends Stop By For Six Or Seven Hours,’ Asks Roommate Opening Front Door

Winters was also wondering if it’s cool if his girlfriend stays over this week. She’s super chill.

LSA sophomore Devon Winters asked his roommates Wednesday whether it would be all right for a couple of friends to “come hang out for six or seven hours” after greeting them at the door.

After explaining that Tim and Connor would be “in and out” of the south campus home “in 400 minutes or so,” Winters halfheartedly asked his housemates if having friends over was a problem.

“You sure it’s alright?” asked Winters after showing his friends where to kick off their shoes. “I know you’re studying so we’ll try and keep it down.”

After retreating with his associates to an upstairs bedroom to smoke weed and blare Chance the Rapper, Winters returned to confide in his roommates that he “totally forgot to buy chasers” and inquire whether “anyone has dibs on that orange juice in the fridge.”

Several hours into the “chill night,” Winters returned to the living room to grab some pillows and blankets.

“Hey sorry about the yelling earlier. Connor waveshined the shit out of me in Smash, and I was just like ‘Bro!!!’ you know?” said Winters. “Anyway, we’re about to wrap it up after another ten to twelve matches. That cool?”

Around 2am, Winters began setting the table his roommates were working on for a game of beer pong, promising that he had “a sick celeb shot for them.”

At press time, Tim and Connor were still there.

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