Man On Plane Mentally Prepares Self For Death After Seatbelt Sign Illuminated

Wilkerson contemplating his own mortality at 30,000 feet.

Following the illumination of the seatbelt sign on his Delta Airlines flight to Boston, area man Brandon Wilkerson decided it was time to accept with his now looming and “inevitable” death. Wilkerson, upon being prompted by his overhead console to fasten his seatbelt due to what was described as “a little bit of turbulence,” made quick efforts to both secure himself in his seat and resign himself to his own mortality.

“I really got a sinking feeling in my stomach when the pilot first came on the PA and announced that we had hit a small patch of rough weather,” Wilkerson explained to reporters. “He never outwardly said that the plane was probably going to crash and we were all going to die, but I can put two and two together.”

“There’s really a lot that goes through your head when you’re forced to come to grips with your own impending death,” Wilkerson added. “I honestly just wish I could remember the last words I said to my wife and son. Did I live a good life? Did I accomplish what I had hoped to? Will my body be recognizable to the rescue team who finds me?”

Wilkerson also explained that although he was “pretty terrified at first,” he was eventually able to feel better after convincing himself that “at least a plane crash would be a pretty painless way to go” and that, “maybe there is something better waiting for him on the other side.”

At press time, the pilot had turned the overhead seatbelt lights off, and Wilkerson was reportedly experiencing a remarkable sense of clarity

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