Roommates Realize No One Actually Knows Where That Couch Came From

The couch in question 'probably came from the same place as those random lawn chairs on the porch.'

After several weeks of regular usage, reports indicate that none of the four roommates living in 216 East University actually know where that corduroy couch in the living room came from.

“Yeah honestly I just always thought that Becca brought it in,” said junior Emily Williams. “She brought in all these random tables and whatnot, I figured the couch must have been hers, too. It must have just appeared in the room at some point, I guess.”

After a brief house meeting, the housemates were able to conclude that the couch came from none of the current roommates. Further investigation has been unable to trace the couch back to a former tenant, or Campus Realty.

“It really makes you consider where, like, everything came from, you know?” said roommate Tamara Wyatt. “I mean, where did these lights come from? I never bought any bulbs. How did all this cutlery get here? Come to think of it, I didn’t bring any of that.”

“The couch must have come from somewhere,” continued Wyatt. “Eventually, we’re going to find out where that somewhere was, and when that day comes, a lot of weight is going to be lifted off of our shoulders.”

At press time, the roommates were seen spraying the couch with a can of febreeze “just in case it came from somewhere sketchy.”

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