Six-Page Essay Concludes Racism Bad

Kurst outlines the various ethical failings of the KKK during peer-review.

After four and a half hours of outlining, drafting and editing, freshman Ryan Kurst has produced a six-page, 1500-word essay that confirmed irrefutably that racism is bad.

The paper, written for the freshman’s SOC 102 class, examines slavery, school discrimination, and inner-city poverty. Kurst consulted a variety of sources to suggest that all three were at least in some part the result of racism, which he concludes has a negative impact on society.

“I think it’s one of the better papers I’ve written so far,” said Kurst, who used the five-paragraph essay format to organize his arguments. “I feel like it answers a lot of questions, such as, ‘Prompt 3: Describe how racial prejudice has impacted American society.’”

“The answer,” continued Kurst, “was that it wasn’t good, that’s for sure.”

The paper was well-received by Kurst’s classmates, a group of whom were required to comment on the paper during a peer-review workshop last Wednesday.

“I really enjoyed this paper. It answered the prompt, used good topic sentences, and had a strong thesis statement at the end of the opening paragraph,” wrote classmate Michelle Dawson in a paragraph-long response.

“Throughout human history, racism has played a large role in how different groups treat one another,” reads the sentence that begins the introductory paragraph. The paper closes with the equally groundbreaking concluding sentence, “from all of this, we can conclude that racism has no place in modern society and should be dispensed with if we want racial prejudice to end.”

Sources report that he GSI for Kurst’s discussion section gave the paper an ‘A-,’ because it “responded to the prompt” and had relatively few grammatical errors.

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