Yep, I’m Just Here With Dad

By A Mom On The Phone With Nothing To Talk About

Hi honey, it’s so great to hear from you. I’m just here with Dad watching the news. He says hi! Yeah…We’re about to switch from NBC to ABC. You know how Dad feels about Lester Holt…Mhmm…Well, yeah, we’ll just be here…What else? What else? Grandma came over the other day. Oh, Dad told you? Hmm…Well, did he tell you about Grandpa’s new osteoporosis meds? Yeah, I think the new doctor is really going to make a difference…Other than that, nothing really exciting going on at home…

Oh! Your father just brought me a mug of hot cocoa. We’re all snuggled up on the couch…I’ve got my Christmas socks on and Shadow keeps trying to chew on them…Yep, yep…Nothing new around here, just a nice relaxing day….Anyway…I have to wake up early tomorrow for work so I’ll probably call it a night pretty soon… Yep, a nice goodnight’s sleep. Yep…Yeah.. Oh, did you hear about that fender bender on Essex? It’s just like I’ve been saying – they need better signage on that four-way stop…mhm…yep.

I ran into Ellen’s mom the other day. She said Ellen is just loving Florida State… Yeah…It’s supposed to be super warm down there, not like here…Do you know it snowed here yesterday? Three inches! I had to dig out my winter coat…Yeah…Did it snow there? I know you’re only an hour away, honey, but you never know…Hmm… So…Yeah, still just hanging out in the TV room. Well, you know I love talking to you. I’ll be around all night, so call if you get bored! Love you!

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