Some Of The Adjectives Ranked

  1. Salacious – Oh yeah, that’s a clear #1
  2. Big – Not the most creative, but a tried and true classic worthy of the no. 2 spot
  3. Viscous – Gross!
  4. Gross – Viscous!
  5. Electric – Any adjective that can describe as many nouns as ‘electric’ will have a spot on any ranking list.
  6. Condescending – Wait, is that a gerund?
  7. Fast – Cars, planes, chetas, Olympic sprinters, my friend Jamie who ran track in high school: all very fast. A good number 7.
  8. Orange – Most colors aren’t dope enough to have a fruit named after them, making orange a perfect candidate for an adjective ranking
  9. Tired – We can all relate!
  10. Soporific – Impress your friends by pretending to know what it means!

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