Club Promotes Opportunity To Meet New People As If That A Good Thing

The University of Michigan Ballroom Dance Team recruited new members in Mason Hall, Monday, calling the organization a “fun, relaxing way to learn a new skill and make some friends in the process.” Members of the organization were reportedly unaware of the prevailing general aversion to venturing outside of one’s established social circle, hindering their success in attracting students.

“Ballroom dance sounds like it would be a really fun thing to learn,” said sophomore Mitchell Ames, “I just don’t know if I have it in me to go to meetings where I don’t know anyone and do the whole ice-breaker thing.”

“I’d probably be more into it if the majority of my friends joined, too,” continued Ames, “or if I was the only one there.”

Ames reflected that the meeting was the kind of thing he would have been interested in attending as a freshman, but that he believes he “has enough friends” at this time.

“It’s just, I know a lot of people already,” added passerby Ella Marks.

The largely unsuccessful attempt to grow membership reportedly led to frustration for club president Ana Kucharti, who said that students seemed to be interested in the dance, but were apparently turned off by the possibility of having to engage in pleasantries with strangers.

At press time, the club expressed its ability to allow members to “step outside their comfort zones,” an action both Marks and Ames agreed would be undesirable.

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