Dad Subjects Family To Full Oral History Of Every Car He’s Ever Owned

Hale, regaling his family with a description of the engine on his ‘86 Geo.

Droning on during a family dinner last Sunday, Royal Oak resident and father Craig Hale reportedly subjected his family to descriptions of and noteworthy stories about every car he has ever owned from high school up to the present.

Starting with the VW Beetle he drove in the early 1980’s and ending with the Audi A7 that he purchased last fall, Hale forced his family to listen to the unabridged story of every car he’s ever owned.

“I’ve already heard the story about the time he was driving his Nissan Pulsar from Buffalo back to college and he drifted into a ditch during a snowstorm,” said daughter Julia Hale, who claimed she didn’t have a context for what any of the cars her dad mentioned even looked like. “But he’s never mentioned that before the Pulsar, he had something called a Ford Tempo, and after the accident he drove a really beat up BMW for a while. I guess that’s pretty cool?”

Hale, regaling his family with a description of the engine on his ‘86 Geo.Hale went on to retell the story of how a week before their eldest child Alex was born in 1994, his Honda Civic broke down and he had to spend the entire week in car dealerships so they would be able to drive to the hospital, but reportedly added in that before he owned that car, he actually “had a different Honda Civic that he drove down to Ohio to buy.”

“I’m not sure if he was just trying to prove to himself that his memory is still sharp or what, because some of his stories seemed so irrelevant,” said Hale’s son Drew. “He spent like five minutes trying to remember if his 1995 Honda Pilot had a cassette drive or a CD drive, like it matters.”

Before letting his children leave the table, Hale reportedly warned his children with a chuckle to “never buy a car from your girlfriend’s father,” as if they had any intention of doing so.

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