Daydreaming Student Returning Attention To Class Decides It Best To Check Out Again

Landis decided it would be best to continue to listen to his own stray thoughts and not to the lecturer.

Briefly shifting his attention from the windows at the far side of the classroom to the professor speaking at the front of the lecture hall, daydreaming student Austin Landis decided it was probably best if he checked out again.

Landis, who had arrived to class late before promptly taking out his laptop to catch up on sports scores, had reportedly returned his attention to the lecturer, only to realize it would be better off if he zoned out once again.

“Yeah, I didn’t really have any idea what was going on up there,” reported Landis, who spent most of the class texting his friends and fantasizing about a girl a few rows up.

After reportedly spending the first half of the class not paying attention to the professor’s lecture, Landis decided briefly to look back up front to the PowerPoint projection in front of the classroom.

“I decided to see what was going on about a half hour in, but it was already too late. I had no idea what was going on in any of those slides.”  Landis reportedly then promptly proceeded to allow his attention to drift away from the classroom, and back to errant browsing and daydreaming.

“The class was already a sunk cost,” remarked Landis. “I can just watch the lecture online later.”

At press time, Landis was reportedly scrambling through lecture slides before the first exam.

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