I Believe Women Should Have The Freedom Of Choice So Long As That Choice Is Not To Join ISIS

I consider myself a liberal and a progressive. I believe in the power of our wives and daughters to make their own choices regarding what they do with their bodies, assuming that they do not use their bodies to join ISIS.

It is vital to our country and its economy that women are able to plan when, with whom, and under what conditions they have children, should they ever choose to do so. So we must afford them that freedom of choice under the condition that they do not choose to join ISIS.

Let the American people not be confused. I am an ally to women and their health, but an enemy to terror. I believe that if the circumstances require it, women should be allowed to choose to receive an abortion or to have a baby, but I do NOT believe American women should be allowed to join ISIS, because while women’s rights are good, terrorism is bad.

My values are progressive to the core. I believe in personal freedom. I believe feminism is the way of the future, but I believe the warped vision of Islam that ISIS believes in is a bad thing. Allowing women freedom of choice but not of choosing to join ISIS is a good thing, and it’s where our country is headed: towards justice and economic development and away from wholesale terrorism.

As a politician, I am hard on sexism, but I am also hard on indiscriminate violence and destruction. Thus, I can condone a woman terminating an unwanted pregnancy, but I can’t condone a woman terminating the lives of thousands of American civilians as an ISIS fighter. For this reason, we need to make sure all women in this country have access to safe abortions but not access to ISIS recruiters.

Please stand with me and your fellow Americans in supporting a woman’s right to choose so long as she does not choose to upend her life and join ISIS.

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