Local Grown-Up Wants To Know What The Hell You Think You’re Doing

Aunt Donna, wondering just what’s gotten into you lately.

Following your curious expedition into grandma’s medicine cabinet, local grown-up Aunt Donna reportedly wants to know what the hell you think you’re doing.

The grown-up was shocked upon finding you exploring the second floor bathroom of your grandmother’s condominium, and was further disturbed by your candid answer of “Uh d’nuh,” to her rhetorical inquiry.

Aunt Donna proceeded with her interrogation with a barrage of questions including “is there something in your mouth?”, “do you know how dangerous this is?”, and “who do you think you are?”

Aunt Donna reportedly then moved to the topic of your whereabouts, inquiring as to whether “your mother know[s] you’re up here?” and asking “why aren’t you in the backyard playing with all your cousins?”

Sources close to the Jones family were also able to con rm that your father will be hearing about this and that you’re lucky Aunt Donna is not your mother.

When asked for comment, Aunt Donna noted that you are “in big trouble, Mister,” and wondered whether “you have anything to say for yourself.”

At press time, Aunt Donna noted that she did not mean to come down so hard on you, as she knows “you’re a good kid.

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