Michelle Obama Tells Family To Do A ‘Once Over’ Before Leaving Executive Residence

Before leaving the White House for the last time, First Lady Michelle Obama reminded her husband and daughters to do a “once over” of their respective rooms and “double check under the bed.”

The Executive Residence, which occupies the East Wing of the White House has been home to the Obamas for the past eight years. Sasha and Malia, the Obama children have reportedly been reminded by their mother and her staff multiple times this morning to “check the bottom drawers to make sure they didn’t forget anything.”

“I’m not doubling back every 20 minutes for a scrunchie or a notebook someone forgot,” said the First Lady, later adding, “We’re doing clothes in hanging bags and we’re keeping those half full shampoo bottles. They’re perfectly good!”

Sources report that Mrs. Obama also instructed her husband to “take care” of the thousands of foreign policy briefings that had accumulated over the years.

“This stuff feels sentimental when you think about parting with it,” said President Obama. “Oh jeez, I better check that desk in the Lincoln bedroom for my pack of Marlboro’s.”

Mrs. Obama, who according to White House sources is also nervous about getting their full security deposit back, instructed her daughters to remove the Rihanna and One Direction posters from their bedroom walls with extra care.

At press time, Mrs. Obama was seen stowing handfuls of White House M&M’s in her carry-on and bagging up apple slices for the car ride to the inauguration.

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