Road Trip Through Denver A Harrowing Reminder That Quiznos Still In Business

To the shock of many, more than one Quiznos in the state of Colorado remains in business.

While passing through Denver on a road trip from Indiana to Las Vegas, Ft. Wayne resident Jack Brewer and his passengers were shocked to discover that Quiznos still exists and is in business.

After pulling off of I-70 in Denver, the car happened upon the once popular sub shop and upon further investigation, discovered the business, and chain as a whole, was open against all odds.

“The Quiznos in Ft. Wayne closed in 2008,” said Brewer. “I just assumed the whole chain had shut down, what with the economy and the Recession, you know. I honestly hadn’t seen a Quiznos with my own eyes since I was a teenager.” Although the friends have visited many geographic landmarks on their road trip across the country, the passengers agreed the Quiznos was by far the most dumbfounding site.

Car passenger Jeremy Hanson agreed with Brewer’s sentiments. “When we glimpsed the Quiznos sign, we joked about pulling over for it, but everyone assumed the store was just gonna be vacant. When we saw people behind the counter squeezing condiments onto sandwiches, we knew it really was open and running.” The passengers were unsure how to respond to the revelation that the fast casual sandwich shop had not been shut down on a national scale.

On the return trip, the car passengers were seen gaping in astonishment at an illuminated Boston Market sign.


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