Student Should Know Classmate’s Name By Now

Moore was "pretty sure" his classmate's name was either Thomas or Andrew, he said.

Struggling as a classmate sat down next to him in an Org Studies 280 class, junior Stephen Moore realized he really ought to know his classmate’s name by now. Moore, who had had interactions with this particular student several times already, and really had no excuse not to have known their name at this point, noted that this was a bit late in the semester to still have this kind of problem.

“It’s getting pretty inexcusable at this point,” said Moore. “He addresses me by name every morning. And we’ve already talked about our hometowns and summer plans.”

Moore explained that although it would have been awkward, he should have asked the stranger’s name upfront several weeks ago, noting that doing so now would surely have disastrous results.

“Sure, I could just ask him at this point – but I feel like we have all this momentum at the moment, and that would really set us back,” said Moore. “Probably best to just wait for the professor to call on him or something.”

Moore has reportedly dialed up efforts to learn his neighbor’s name by sneaking peeks at his midterm, inquiring about preferred nicknames, and asking him to enter his number into his contacts.

“I already gave him the ol’ ‘Did you know if you hold your Mcard up to the light there’s a hologram of Gerald Ford?’ to try to get a glimpse at it,” said Moore. “I guess I could ask for his uniqname and look him up on M-community, or even scroll through the class of 2018 Facebook group and try to photo ID him.”

At press time, Moore had resolved to ask the student how to spell his name.

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