The Wall Was Inside You All Along

To all my tremendous supporters, the media has been speculating and lying about me, as usual. People are saying—people who said I would lose, by the way—people are saying that the great wall along our Southern border might be harder to build than we initially thought. Well they’re WRONG. Because no matter who says what, and no matter how many obstacles we face, there will be a wall, even if it isn’t made of brick or mortar or concrete or even barbed wire. In fact, the wall is already built, if you think about it.

You see, the wall was inside you all along!

The failing media, which is so unfair to me, will tell you that I “tricked you,” or that I “lied,” but those haters and losers don’t understand what you accomplished. Believe me! Over the course of my unprecedented campaign and our powerful movement, you have all come closer to reaching your full potential. You should all be tremendously proud of yourselves, not like crooked Hillary, who, by the way, would be very weak on Putin. I’ll be so strong, so strong on Putin, you wouldn’t believe it. So very strong, all over him. We’ll get along great.

As I was saying, just like the movement I started against the Washington insiders only sixteen months ago, you have all grown, big league. I am confident that you have learned a lot about yourselves and each other. The bonds you have formed and the lessons you have learned are stronger than any brick and mortar wall could ever be. No one from the dishonest media can ever take that away from you.

The wall was always there in your heart. The ability to stop Mexican rapists and drug dealers from overrunning our country was within you from the moment you were born. All I did was help you recognize it. You didn’t even need to wear the red hat! And, I promise you, when we Make America Great Again it will be all thanks to you. While I may or may not be divesting myself from all of my businesses, you must never divest yourself from your accomplishments. Which—like our great, enormous wall—will live on in the hearts and minds of Americans for decades to come.

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