Chem GSI Claiming To Be Laid Back Won’t Even Let You Huff The Acid

Barnes, just trying to get zonked out of her gourd.

Sophomore Katie Barnes recently reported that her Chem 216 GSI, Craig Olson, had described himself as “fun” and “laid back,” despite not allowing the students to even try and huff the hydrochloric acid.

“I was actually really excited about this lab at the beginning of the semester,“ stated Barnes. “[Olsen] said he was all for having a good time and experimenting, but then the second I stuck my nose in a vial of acid I got yelled at.”

Olson stated that he believes there may have been some miscommunication somewhere down the line regarding expectations for behavior in the lab.

“I really do want my students to have a good time in this class,” claimed Olson. “I try to be lenient on things like due dates and attendance, but I just have to draw the line when it comes to things like inhaling dangerous chemicals.”

Barnes added that while she does understand Olson’s concern to a certain extent, she believes that his policies may be undermining his opportunity to learn from the lab.

“I mean technically yes, I could pass out and end up in the hospital. But there’s also the possibility that I could have a really fun time. I don’t want to give up the opportunity to discover something amazing because of fear of failure,” said Barnes.

At press time, Olson was seen asking that Barnes please not snort the unidentified white powder.

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