Fail Compilation Video Editor Not Sure If This Scene Necessary

McCaffery, pictured here deciding the sequence of clips that best aligned with his vision.

Stating that the clip didn’t really stack up against others, YouTube user Andrew McCaffery told reporters that he was not sure the video of a man falling down the stairs was really necessary in his latest fail compilation video.

“I think I’ve really driven it home at this point,” McCaffery told reporters while sliding his mouse across an iMovie clip. “They probably will have gotten their fill of stair fails, especially after that bit with the skateboarder.”

The eight second video, which McCaffery describes as unremarkable and redundant, features a man holding a large plate of nachos and falling on the stairs walking back to his seat in the stadium.

“It’s not even like he gets cheese all over his shirt,” McCaffery continued as he pressed the backspace key. “And even if he did, the audience will totally have seen it coming, no cringe or shock factor at all. It’s just gonna let them down.”

“People are expecting quality fails at this point and I have to come through. My fans keep coming back for more because they know that I deliver.”

McCaffery, whose YouTube channel has 1043 subscribers and five yearly fail compilation videos, told reporters that he has become well acquainted with the art form over the past half decade, reportedly compiling clips from across multiple websites and saving them until they make a coherent three-minute piece.

“Fail compilation videos need to start strong and finish stronger,” McCaffery said of his craft. “I learned that the hard way when I was just starting out. You can’t become a reputable source like me without a couple blunders.”

“I really fudged up one of my first videos,” McCaffery recalled. “I put an above ground pool fail next to a water slide fail. Huge mistake. People noticed.”

At press time, McCaffery was adding an excessive amount of tags to the video.

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