‘Get Emily To Bali’ GoFundMe Page Mysteriously Falls Flat

To satisfy strong feelings of “wanderlust,” student Emily Bens officially published a GoFundMe page titled “Get Emily to Bali” that has somehow not garnered more funds than the countless charitable pages surrounding it.

“Bali is a beautiful country,” wrote Bens. “I would love to hold a monkey for the first time and help some children in poor villages, if I have time.”

However, reception of Bens’ crowdfunding site has reportedly fallen short of her expectations. Even with promises to “bring back a handmade Balinese key chain” for those who donate $15 or more, and return with “an authentic piece Balinese pottery” for donors of $40 or more. Bens has raised less than $75 of her $2,000 goal.

Bens reports posting the link to her crowdfunding page on Facebook six different times in one week, to “make sure that everyone who wants to give can see it.”

“If I’m being honest, I really just don’t have money to donate,” said friend Cynthia Smithington. “And if I did, it would be for someone who actually needs the money, like that kid in Omaha with leukemia.”

“I even started approaching people and asking them personally to donate,” Bens said. “So far, I think a lot of people have probably just forgotten.”

“All I’m saying is that my money can go to better places,” said Bens’ aunt, Kathy Wilson. “I know for a fact that Emily hasn’t taken out a single student loan.”

At press time, Bens reported that “people were probably just really busy today,” as no one was responding to her Facebook messages asking for donations.

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