Grandma Bought To Replace Cat

Grandma has reportedly warmed up well to her surroundings.

Following the recent death of Mittens, indoor/outdoor cat and beloved member of the family, the Feldstein family of Dubuque, IA, has attempted to cope with the loss by purchasing a Grandma.

“The kids just weren’t acting the same ever since Mittens died,” father Michael Feldstein told reporters of the 12-year-old calico. “I had to do something to cheer them up, so we went out to the kennel and picked out a cute, little Grandma.”

Sources close to the household reported that the new Grandma, a 72-year-old house-trained brunette, was shy with the kids at first but warmed up after a few hours.

“Nothing we do can ever replace Mittens,” said Feldstein. “But with Grams, it almost feels like we’re whole again.”

Grandma, who needs to be fed three times a day and requires regular grooming, has reportedly taken to the kids nicely and has since become part of the family.

“Mittens was so furry and soft,” said youngest daughter Julia Feldstein. “I miss him, but I’m starting to really like our new Grandma, too.”

“Daddy brought us to a kennel to pick one out,” she continued. “I knew it right when I saw her that she was the one.”

At press time, the Feldstein family was taunting Grandma with a laser pointer.

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