Report: Dad’s Got T-Shirt Tucked In

Ingram reportedly made sure his shirt was positioned snugly inside of his jeans, despite having no plans to go to church later.

Sources confirmed Sunday that local Washtenaw County father Mark Ingram once again had his t-shirt tucked into his pants.

Upon seeing her father enter the kitchen with his shirt tucked in, Ingram’s daughter Kaitlin reportedly texted her siblings alerting them immediately that their father was “doing it again” and “acting like it was normal.”

“If we were going to grandma’s house or running errands then maybe I could at least understand where he’s coming from,” said Kaitlin Ingram, “but it’s not like he’s doing anything today other than filing taxes and vacuuming. Who’s he trying to impress?”

The shirt in question, a green Adidas Climalite athletic tee, was reportedly held firmly in place by Ingram’s belt and dark-wash jeans, and clung tightly to his protruding belly.

“What? This is how you’re supposed to wear a shirt,” said Ingram.

Ingram insisted that the comfort and style achieved by tucking in his shirt was “more important than [his] children thinking he looked hip.”

“It just seems like a lot more work for him than is necessary,” said Ingram’s son, Michael. “Every time he gets up he’s gotta shift his pants around and stick his hands in there to readjust the tuck so it stays taut.”

At press time, Ingram was reportedly using a shoehorn to slip into his clinically white Reeboks before sitting down to read the paper.

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