Roommate’s Sadness Worth It For Extra Ice Cream In House

While noting that her roommate’s recent sadness was unfortunate, junior Rebecca Owens admitted that it was reportedly “worth it” for the extra ice cream that was being purchased in the house. Owens noted that, while she did feel for her roommate, whose depression and generally poor mood had been the talk of the house of late, it was nice that there was more communal cream for her and her other roommates.

Owens explained that her roommate often uses ice cream and other various junk foods as a coping mechanism when she gets upset. “I know I shouldn’t be happy when she’s feeling down,” explained Owens. “She’s always willing to share her food though so it usually works out really well for me.”

While Owens claims that it’s “not always a great time,” listening to her roommate constantly complain about her issues, “it’s at least tolerable doing so when I’m sipping the wine and scarfing down the Ben and Jerry’s that she paid for.”

“Plus,” Owens added, “you don’t have to actually listen to her you. You just put down your spoon every once in awhile and throw in something like ‘yeah, all boys suck,’ or ‘he wasn’t even that attractive anyways.’”

Owens later noted that as much as she loves all the extra perks that come with her friend’s unstable emotions, “it’s not all fun and games,” for her either.

“Every time some dude breaks her heart I have to pretend to be all torn up about it when really, I’m secretly I’m pretty excited,” said Owens. “It’s not as easy as it looks.”

At press time, Owens was seen consoling her friend over a boy, suggesting that, “maybe ordering a pizza or something” might make her feel better.

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