Student Fitness Survey Finds Walk To CCRB ‘Too Long’

The survey shows that the student body’s desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle has been hampered by the CCRB being “too fucking far.”

Findings from the University of Michigan’s annual Student Fitness Survey revealed last Thursday that the majority of undergraduate students find the walk to the Central Campus Recreation Building to be “too long.”

“I’m not surprised by the results,” commented Engineering freshman Nathan Harrison. As reported by Harrison, the CCRB has consistently been located “just a little bit too far away” from him at every single point on campus where he has considered working out over the past year.

“Of course I want to go to the gym, but it’s tough to fit a walk that long into my schedule,” says Harrison, who describes the arduous three-minute walk downhill from Mosher- Jordan Hall to the CCRB as “super tiring.”

The survey results have resulted in larger university efforts to address the obstacles to CCRB use. With 79% of students citing the “fucking cold” weather associated with the walk as another deterrent, researchers have since organized an open forum at the CCRB to allow students to voice their ideas and feedback, though few have made the strenuous trip to do so.

In the wake of the survey’s publication, LSA sophomore Mindy Smith notes that she is grateful to be moving directly across the street from the Intramural Sports Building next semester, where she and her friends will no longer have to deal with the trials of traveling to the CCRB and will “definitely go work out everyday.”

“But then again,” added Smith, “the traffic on Hoover Ave. is, like, super dangerous.”

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