Student Treats Self For 23rd Day In A Row

Doyle, consuming what he dubiously calls a “rare treat.”

After leaving his Econ discussion in Mason Hall, senior Mike Doyle decided to reward himself with a delicious but unhealthy meal at a nearby fast food restaurant for the 23rd day in a row.

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta treat yourself every once in awhile,” said Doyle, giving a version of the same speech he’s been giving himself for the past three weeks in between bites of his Son of Baconator. “I’ve been working hard since the semester started, so this is my way of rewarding myself for a job well done.”

Doyle told reporters that in addition to consuming fast food, he also skips class occasionally and sleeps in as a way of rewarding himself. While Doyle asserts that these behaviors are occasional and well-deserved, some of his peers have expressed concern that his excesses are doing more harm than good.

“He doesn’t realize that treating yourself isn’t the same as just doing whatever you want all the time,” said Brent Zapatta, Doyle’s roommate. “He’s always smoking weed, and he says it’s because he wants to reward himself, but he doesn’t do anything to deserve it in the first place.”

Added Zapatta, “He doesn’t even go to the screenings for the SAC class we have together.”

At press time, Doyle had added a healthy serving of ice cream to his meal, citing the workout he did nine days ago.

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