Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Lives

Look, I get it, not everyone’s cut out for life on the edge. The uncertainty can be overwhelming, and many of us would rather stick to the wellworn path – living a normal life with a normal family and a normal 9-to-5.

But that’s not me. No sir. I’m what you might call the spontaneous type. Spend a day with me and you don’t know what you’re gonna get.

Anything can happen – and that’s why I like to have a watch that’s ready for anything. I mean, who knows when there might be some impromptu white water rafting, or a spur of the moment scuba sesh? Why, just yesterday I got the urge to wash some dishes before my girlfriend got home, so I just did it – right then and there – didn’t even hesitate a moment thanks to this sucker. Talk about diving in headfirst.

But “headfirst” is my middle name. I’m a ‘live for the moment’ kind of guy, so it’s nice to know I have a watch that can keep up. I can’t imagine a last second cave diving trip without it.

Not even kidding – last week the fellas at the office didn’t want to go out for lunch because of the rain. Ha! Hope you enjoyed your standard bologna and mayo, Mark. This guy got some eggrolls and fried rice. But hey, I’ve never been one to shy away from a little adventure, especially when I’ve got a watch that’s as adaptable as I am.

This bad boy’s waterproof up to 30 meters. Obviously I’d prefer 100 or so, in case things really go off the rails, but this’ll do for now.

Too many of us are just working for the weekend – going through the motions and paying the rent. It’s a shame, really. I suppose most folks are fine with being ordinary. Not me, though. I wouldn’t mind a little excitement. I’m always looking for a chance to go wild, to get lost in this great big world of possibility. Luckily, my waterproof watch has a waterproof compass built right in.

The way I see it, everyone dies, but not everyone lives. That’s why I like to keep myself in the now, and if now happens to be going down stairs for a late night snack, well, this thing’s got a neon-green backlight with a fouryear battery life. Carpe noctem, that’s what I say.

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