Girl Slips Self-Deprecating Caption Into Instagram Just In Time To Keep From Seeming Confident

Hall hoped her self-aware humor would yield both a high number of likes and reassuring comments from her equally insecure friends.

Posting a bikini-clad photo from her recent trip to the Cayman Islands, local woman Becca Hall quickly added a self-deprecating caption to undercut any possibility of her Instagram followers misinterpreting it as an expression of self-confidence and body-positivity.

Referencing the photo, which showed her newly tanned frame posing in front of a Caribbean sunset in a two-piece bathing suit, Hall remarked that it came dangerously close to a celebration of her own body, prompting her to write, “When your fat rolls look like abs lol” underneath it.

“I’ve been eating really well and working out, and I look so good in that bathing suit,” said Hall, “but obviously I can’t let people know that I feel good about my appearance. I don’t want to seem braggy.”

One of Hall’s Instagram followers and fellow classmate Andrew Lynn said he appreciated the humor in her disparaging post.

“At first, I saw the picture and I thought, ‘Wow, this girl is full of herself,’” said Lynn. “But then she posted that thing about being fat, so I know she’s not a total attention whore.”

Hall’s friends also reportedly celebrated her destructive and self-deprecating comment.

“I probably wouldn’t have given the picture a like without the caption,” said Emma Anderson. “Not being insecure is so vain.”

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