Girl With No Grounds To Sue Reminds Everyone Her Dad A Lawyer

In a seemingly unrelated aside, area sophomore Tracy Harris announced to her friends on several occasions that her dad is a lawyer.

One conversation, which centered around class schedules and the upcoming weekend, did not have any legal consequences, nor did it concern the professions of their respective parents. However, Harris, who has no plans to attend law school herself, insisted on assuring her friends that her dad, a corporate attorney, deals with cases like this all the time.

“My dad, he owns the practice and he’s really well versed in these things,” remarked Harris about being waitlisted for Chem 210. Later, when discussing weekend plans, Harris stated, I just find law really interesting. He used to talk to me about what he was working on during dinner.”

Harris assured her friends that if it were to come down to it, she could call her dad and even one of his friends who’s a judge and get him involved.

“I have no idea why she said that,”announced roommate Rebecca Finnman. “I was just telling her about a party I wanted to go to. What does her dad being a lawyer have to do with that?”

Although her dad’s certification as a lawyer in the state of Connecticut does allow him to practice law in the state, Harris has reportedly brought his status up as a threat in several conflicts which had seemingly no legal relevance, even refusing to host a party, explaining, “My dad could get disbarred if people are drinking underage.”

At press time, Harris was warning her taxi driver not to charge her inflated fees, threatening to “get Dad involved.”

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