It’s 33 Degrees Here In Milwaukee This Morning, There’s A Light Haze Rolling In Off The Lake, And You’re Keeping It Cool With Jerry Ray And The Smooth Jazz Hits Of The 40s And 50s

Good morning, folks. I hope everyone’s able to shoo off the sandman this morning. It is Tuesday, March 7th here in Milwaukee, guys and gals. Hope you’re getting your week off to a good start for all you workin’ folk.

Weather’s lookin’ alright today. We’ve got a little bit of fog rolling off Lake Michigan, and there’s a 40 percent chance of rain, which means ice, people, so drive slow and make sure to bring out that rock salt before Daddy slips on the driveway, you know what I mean.

Traffic on the 41 and 43 is sounding sleepy, so hopefully everyone gets in to work alright, I know I did. We’ve got a fresh pot of coffee here courtesy of our favorite little disc hound Peggy Sue, and I think we’ve picked out some records we think you folks will vibe to, jazz cats and alley cats alike. We’ve got some Duke Ellington dropping in on these crispy Milwaukee County airwaves this morning, followed by some Miles Davis later on to start your commute on a cool note.

Haha, my producer got that one. The real jazz cats know what I’m talking about. Newbies, try to keep up. I’m just kidding. Everybody’s welcome here on WGBQ THE VAMP.

We’ve got to give a little word to our sponsors here so I’ll slip away for second. All you beatniks and beach puppies stay tuned, I think I saw Seth wander in with some donuts that I may have to investigate. It is 6:02 a.m., that is, central time, 33 degrees here in Milwaukee this morning, there’s a light haze rollin’ in off the lake, and you’re keeping it cool with Jerry Ray

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