Typically Silent Classmate Has Violently Strong Opinion About Best Campus Sushi Spot

LSA student and generally quiet classroom presence Lisa Samuels revealed to classmates last week a violently strong opinion on the best campus sushi spot during her Politics of the Modern Middle East discussion.

Samuels was moved to speak up during the class discussion of human rights violations after hearing two classmates refer to Gomibako as “undoubtedly the best sushi on campus,” working her into a blistering rage.

Samuels, who had, until the incident, spoken only a handful of times in class, reportedly presented a clear opposing statement against Gomibako backed up with evidential facts in favor of Sadako before allowing the class GSI to continue his lesson plan on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Though she has yet to formulate an opinion one way or another about the conflict in class, Samuels took prompt and sweeping action to defend the integrity of her favorite on-campus sushi establishment.

Seizing the opportunity to construct a scalding takedown of her peers’ sushi-related views during conversation on U.S. involvement in the Middle East, Samuels demonstrated an aptitude for debate that was notably absent in class discussions of “less interesting issues.”

According to GSI Jason Lee, it was “moving” to see Samuels “stand up and have a train of thought delivered with assertion and a resounding conclusion that Gomibako sushi is trash,” in contrast to her “usual mumbling of half-baked ideas that end in uncomfortable silence.”

“I’m proud of Lisa,” said Lee, adding that he has “high hopes” that the self-assurance and comprehension Samuels showed in her outburst “is really going to carry over into her understanding of the complexities and significance of conflicts in the Middle East.”

Samuels was reported to have adopted a much more impartial outlook on the topic since the incident, last seen submitting grant proposals for dialogues to “bring Gomibako and Sadako patrons together” in “unbiased and peaceful dialogue.”

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