6 Cheese Plates That Say I Need To Borrow $1300 Immediately

1. The perfect mix of hard and soft cheeses that say, “Look how mature I am. I know $1,300 is a lot but I would never try to scam you.”

2. An impressive bounty of charcuterie that says, “At least it’s not for an improv class or something.”

3. Check out this bevy of fine French cheeses expertly paired with a 2014 vintage from the Provence. Does this not say, “I’ll even pay interest on it, let’s work something out,” or what?

4. Is the crudite overdoing it? No way! This definitely says, “You’re helping me make my dream come true.“

5. There’s nothing like a slice of nutty cheese on fresh baguette. This raw milk cheddar and brie spread is just shouting, “It’s gonna work out this time, I know it.“

6. A little jam, some cured meats, and marcona almonds to munch on and you’ve got a cheese plate that says, “C’mon, you know I’m good for it.”

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