Notebook Ruined By Writing Inside Of It

Hall has reportedly been shopping around for a personalized fountain pen which he will use to destroy more notebooks with his terrible ideas.

Stating that the book was otherwise perfect, sources confirmed last week that area man Jared Hall’s personal notebook was soiled by the writing inside of it.

The notebook, a pocket-sized leather bound moleskin, was reportedly defiled by the 34-year-old’s general musings and the poetry it now contains.

“I try to get all my ideas down on in this little book,” said Hall of the notebook he was actively ruining. “I just really like to save my ideas in case one of them turns into something bigger.”

The now worthless 160-page notebook, which also contains several drawings and ideas for apps and websites, a few logos for Hall’s personal brand, and a few failed landscape drawings of the view from his bedroom, sits in Hall’s inside coat pocket when he remembers to bring it around with him.

“I try to always have it on me,” said Hall, who reportedly brings the notebook into coffee shops to vandalize it periodically. “It’s really feels good when I’m leaving work to sit on the bus and just daydream into my book.”

Reports indicated that Hall at one point attempted to use it as a journal before losing steam after forgetting to log a weekend. In the four weeks since, Hall has already desecrated nearly half of its once creamy, leather smelling paper, and Hall anticipates buying another currently flawless book when he is done defacing the first.

“I have no idea if I might be writing a book someday or in charge of a company,” Hall told reporters while sliding the attached ribbon bookmark into to the most recently adulterated page. “I would hate to lose any of the ideas I’ve thought of in the past. It’s just a great tool to see how far I’ve come.”

At press time, Hall was seen sliding the pen he uses to tarnish the book into the elastic band used to hold the covers shut.

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