Report: Human Trafficking Makes Jenna Sad

Jenna was initially informed of human trafficking by a thirty-second NowThis video.

Citing the numerous articles and videos she has recently seen on her newsfeed, reports indicate that Jenna is really sad about human trafficking.

First-person accounts of humans being bought and sold at auction and graphic pictures of sex trafficking crimes taking place in numerous countries across the world allegedly caused Jenna to feel quite upset, and even depressed. The fact that slavery still exists today, even legally in some parts of the world, was reportedly shocking to Jenna. Sources indicated she felt very “gloomy” and “didn’t know how she could go about her day when there was so much pain and suffering in the world.”

According to UN statistics, the majority of human trafficking victims are women and girls who are sexually exploited. Very few of those trafficking humans are ever convicted, which is really alarming to Jenna.

“It makes me physically upset to know this is happening right now,” commented a distraught Jenna, while innocent victims of international trafficking continued being transported across borders at record rates.

“Even though I looked at a video about it a couple of hours ago, I still feel so emotional,” she later added, as children were being ripped from their families in the dead of night. Anja, a Latvian prisoner, has been held in captivity for about six years, which Jenna thinks is a really long time to be someone else’s property.

Jenna was reportedly sad about human trafficking throughout the next day as she attended classes. The victims of human trafficking, which really upset Jenna, could not be reached for comment.

At press time, Jenna was learning how to make french fries at home.

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