Roommate Leaving Dirty Dish In Sink Annoyed With Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes

Pictured: Daniels, who’s getting sick of being the only one who loads the dishwasher.

Area sophomore Richard Daniels recently announced that he was “a bit fed up” with his housemates’ lack of consideration after he had attempted to leave his dirty dish in the sink only to discover it was already filled with other dirty dishes.

“I guess common courtesy is a foreign concept to them,” said Daniels of the eight bowls, four pans, and three pots currently occupying the entirety of the sink. “It’s like, when they put those here did they even consider where I was going to put my dirty plate?”

Daniels continued, explaining that while he understands everyone in the house is busy with other responsibilities and obligations, “it really doesn’t take that long to just wash your dish and put it away.”

“If we could all spend a few minutes taking care of our own messes, we would solve a lot of problems,” said Daniels while simultaneously attempting to somehow balance his plate on top of the mound of dishes.

Daniels concluded stating that the best thing to do was probably just leave the dish in the living room for now and hope that “eventually other people can learn how to properly clean up after themselves.”

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