Tallest Second Grader Solemnly Takes Place At Front Of Line

Demonstrating his respect for the position as he made his way to the doorway, area second grader and tallest student in class Hunter Tabert solemnly took his place at the front of the classroom line. Tabert, who reportedly entered the school year already the tallest kid in Mrs. Bromley’s second grade homeroom, has held the position of line leader for quite some time, and showed poise when the class would form a queue to depart.

“I’ve been line leader since September,” remarked Hunter, displaying an experienced and confident gait as he led the class to their 9:20 gym class. “Well, technically, I’ve been line leader for eight months, if you count when I grew four inches in the spring,” noted Tabert, referring to his fortuitous growth spurt in April of his first grade year, which caused him to surpass classmate Aaron Finkel and thrust him into the position he has held since.

Classmate Tabetha Garret, who occupied a position towards the middle of the line, did argue that his tenure has not been unchallenged.

“Emily is second in line, and we’re pretty sure she might be taller than Hunter now,” reported Tabetha, much to the chagrin of a well-within-earshot Tabert. “The only reason Hunter is still first is because he threw a fit when they said something.”

Hunter, who reports confirm had faced multiple appeals to his spot at the front of the line, had yet to relinquish his position, in part due to the backing of his teacher.

“I think Hunter does a great job,” commented Mrs. Bromley. “He gets us lined up on time, he’s always quiet when he’s leading them down the hall, and he always makes sure to have eyes on the caboose.”

At press time, Hunter was reportedly negotiating a wide pass of a kindergarten class line in the hall, while reports indicate disgruntled classmates had begun a proposition for alphabetically-determined line positions.

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