Tourist Visiting Niagara Falls Disappointed By How Dry He Remained

Cole, pictured here, wishing his shoes were waterlogged.

Following his visit to Niagara Falls, vacationer Louis Cole expressed disappointment that he remained relatively dry for the duration of his visit to one of North America’s most striking natural wonders. Cole, who had anticipated the spray from one of the world’s most voluminous water cascades would surely soak him to his very bones, admitted he had “expected a bit more” from the gushing waterfalls.

“I guess I just thought I was going to really get doused,” said Cole, who had brought multiple changes of clothes to Buffalo in preparation. “I didn’t even get my gift store poncho out of my bag.”

Cole, who made the pilgrimage to the falls on the Canadian-American border with a few of his close friends, made the visit expecting the water’s descent off the hundred foot cliff to surely result in some chaotic spraying, and was disappointed to find otherwise.

“I at least expected some side chutes to spray off and utterly drench the crowd, but not even a drop,” noted Cole’s friend, Jamie Robison, whose t-shirt remained more or less unsaturated. “We even took the elevator to the bottom expecting some big water clutch to slap the rocks hard and get us completely soaked, so I’m not really sure what’s up with that.”

“It was strange,” Cole commented as they exited the welcome center. “There were some spots that were slippery, but nothing that was downright crazy.

Upon returning to New York, Cole and his friends admitted they thought the One World Trade Center would be noticeably taller.

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