Unclear Why Dance Team Needs Funding

MichHop dancers, pictured, not requiring any money.

Upon spotting the group at a bake sale table in Mason Hall, multiple sources confirmed that it was unclear what exactly dance team MichHop was raising money for.

“I see them all the time dancing in front of the posting wall,” LSA sophomore Rachel Judge told reporters. “So if they aren’t renting studio space, I’m not sure where that money goes.”

“I think I’ve seen them dance in the Diag, too. Maybe that’s like their end of semester performance? That shouldn’t cost any money though.” she added.

Students also expressed confusion about the small bluetooth speaker the dance team members were using, stating that “some kid probably owns that.”

“I’m not sure if they have matching shirts or what,” said passerby Alex Harrison. “They’re kinda hip-hoppy, so they’re probably supposed to be mismatched.”

“And it doesn’t seem like I ever see that many of them, maybe seven or eight people,” Harrison added. “They probably don’t need to borrow university vans or anything to get to wherever it is they compete. If they do compete, that is.”

At press time, students concluded that “you really only need your body to dance.”

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