White House Announces Plans To Cut Funding For Good Decisions

Sean Spicer, pictured, whose very existence here reflects the new budget plans.

In an announcement during the White House press briefing last Tuesday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer revealed that the Trump administration is working to cut funding for good, helpful and otherwise pleasing decisions.

Citing few details of the plan, Spicer stated, “If Congress is willing to cooperate, the President hopes to see good decisions at the governmental level down at least two-thirds by the end of the year.”

Spicer also mentioned that President Trump had been “meeting with several congressmen” and has already “convinced many to help roll-back on smart choices across the board.”

Though pundits and other analysts largely predicted that President Trump would leave most good decisions in place due to the “general consensus amongst voters that well-thought-out programs, funds, and sponsorships are good for the American people,” President Trump’s condemnation of the Obama administration’s “huge” fiscal waste in the area of good decision-making has only intensified.

“The people want this,” President Trump wrote on Twitter. “We have to bring money… back into the hands of everyday Americans, and one of the steps to do that is to quit wasting our time and money on these great decisions.”

When asked about the approval ratings for good decisions, President Trump said that good decisions “are a waste of taxpayer dollars.” He also claimed that “his team was working on alternative solutions” to various good decisions that are already in place.

President Trump followed the tweet by saying, “Cutting good decisions is just the first step in a beautiful movement. We are going to find a fantastic replacement for good decisions, maybe all decisions soon.”

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