Camp Counselor Ends Summer With Renewed Youth, Sparse Resume

Donahue has no regrets about spending his summer playing outside.

After working at a YMCA overnight camp this summer, local sophomore Michael Donahue is reported to have returned from Camp Pinewood with rejuvenated youth, fresh spirit, and a very slim resume.

Donahue worked as a senior counselor at Camp Pinewood, where he supervised a cabin of 11 year olds, doing 24 hour a day work which would result in the deep rewarding feeling that comes with teaching young souls and a resume which will never be taken seriously by any employer.

“I woke up every morning on the porch of my cabin, looked out at Lake Pinewood, and knew I was where I was truly happy” says Donahue, who referenced offering horseback riding lessons to parents on Family Day as a strong networking experience. “The sound of laughter and the smell of the Pines is all I need.”

Donahue is reported to have learned to water ski, build a wet fire, talk to someone so that they feel like they are being heard, and “let go and dance like no one is watching.” Donahue is also reported to have no idea how to build a spreadsheet on excel nor how to export his half page resume to PDF.

“I have the rest of my life to work in an office” said Donahue, who hasn’t updated his resume since he applied to colleges. “I am making lifelong connections with some of my closest friends in an amazing environment. I love it.”

Donahue currently plans to “see the world” after graduation.

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