Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: This Party-Goer Has Been Slapping The Bag For Three Days And Counting!

Seven! Seven! Seven! Guess what folks it’s syllabus week again, and you know what that means – frat parties all night, every night. You might think you can drink, but can you hold your own in Ann Arbor’s most rigorous drinking games?

Think again, lightweights — the new record to beat is set by LSA sophomore Daniel Brewski, who’s been slapping the bag for three days and counting — talk about turning up!

Even after his friends lost count, Daniel continued to shock the crowd by continuing to chug endless amounts of wine. 72 hours later, the party’s over – but Daniel’s just getting started.

Just this morning, Brewski was seen entering his Physics 140 lecture, notebook in one hand Franzia in the other. Cheers to you Daniel!

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