Family Dinner Not Considered Over Until Everyone’s Finished, Someone Has Cried

The Mulligan family wondering who will be the first to shed a tear.

Nancy Mulligan, a mother of 5, recently announced that her family’s dinners “are never really considered finished,” until either everyone cleans their plate or someone at the table breaks into tears.

Mulligan explains that her family likes to make an attempt to sit down and have dinner together at least once a week to give everyone a chance to, “talk, catch up, and verbally attack one another until someone cries.”

“It’s basically tradition at this point,” explained Mulligan. “We all sit down to enjoy our food, someone makes a passive aggressive comment, someone cries, and we all go to our rooms and don’t talk to each other or the rest of the night. You know, typical family stuff.”

Mulligan added that just the other week the family had gotten through an entire dinner without anyone crying and storming off. “It honestly felt weird to end it on that note,” said Mulligan. “We usually don’t get that far and it really felt like something was missing.”

Mulligan concluded telling reporters that with the concept of a family sit-down dinner fading away so quickly in our society, “it’s nice that every once in awhile we can sit down as a family and drive the people closest to us to the point of tears.”

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