Freshman Wishes He Hadn’t Told Roommate About Foot Thing So Early In The Semester

Turner was seen wearing flip flops even when in his own bed after Vinson's admission.

LSA freshman and South Quad Resident, Chad Vinson, reportedly made a regrettable decision by informing roommate Charlie Turner about the abnormal rash on his foot too soon.

Vinson and Turner, who met through the University of Michigan Class of 2021 Facebook page, had been making plans and laying out rules for their dorm room, including laundry, alcohol, and the personal hygiene steps Vinson has to take to prevent his rash from spreading.

“You know what, I think he really could’ve waited to share that,” stated a visibly shaken Turner of the medical procedures Vinson’s foot has undergone. “Maybe a ways down the line, if we had actually gotten to know and become comfortable with one another, that information could have just been kind of like a funny “thing” of his. But now? It’s a pretty much all I know about the guy.”

Vinson, whose feet requires a special kind of sock, said that he realized letting Turner know about his foot problem was a mistake when Turner didn’t share a hygiene anomaly in return.

“I really just wish I had made it one of those things that gets brought up organically,” said Vinson. “It’s just with all the confusion of moving in and everyone saying how well you’re gonna get to know your roommate made me flustered.”

“I probably could have gone a couple months of just applying lotion when [Turner] isn’t around,” he added.

At press time, Vinson was worried that Turner had told other people in his hall to start calling him “foot guy.”

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