Hundred Dollar Paycheck Used To Justify $300 In Purchases

Carson shopping for clothes he will rarely wear.

After a 300 dollar spending spree, area man Matthew Carson confirms that his most recent paycheck of 100 dollars should “cover the bill.”

“I was out doing groceries because I really needed them,” Carson told reporters of his most recent expenditures, “and while I was out I figured I could buy a pair of shoes I was eyeing up online. I mean I just got paid, I can afford it.”

Sources close to the Carson confirm that he also bought a few new shirts and a hoodie online as well, bringing his total over that of his pay. Carson, whose hourly pay couldn’t possibly justify his subsequent purchases, reasoned that he will try and cut back on spending following his next paycheck.

“The rest of the clothes weren’t as expensive as the shoes,” said the man whose recent direct deposit covers only the shoes. “So adding them in the cart to get free shipping was a no-brainer.” Although he was only paid one hundred dollars after taxes, Carson has rung up a much greater bill.

“Plus I just got paid,” he said of the paycheck that covers one-third of the total bill he’s accumulated this week. Carson also considered ordering a free keychain from the site, which he would only have to pay twenty dollars in shipping for. “I mean, I need something to put my keys on. It’s basically food.” he said of the keychain decision.

At press time, Carson justified ordering a drink with his meal because he was going to receive his next paycheck this week.

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